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Change is constant is an aptly said proverb, however the pace of change has become significant now,. The way businesses are conducted, or the way we conduct our daily lives, the way economic activities conducted globally, or our changing approach to education and learning, innovation and excellence have led to structural and transformative changes which are visible everywhere.

Adopting to change with matching speed, will decide who wins or loose out…….

We at BizM, believe that People are the most vital catalyst of this change besides Process and Technology, and thus ability of People to adopt, manage and propagate the change will be the key success factor to realize the benefits of these changes for societies and nations.

Your readiness for Future Global Work is our motto, we hand hold you to the new world beyond our courses for your consumption. Watch out for our Blogs, Live feeds on Changing trends and Of course limited free on line counselling BIZM also recognizes the realities of Changing Future Work Place and naturally, thus the Future Work force leading to a new landscape of 2030 Global Work, we could witness the early signals of patterns of technology driven new jobs categories, some traditional jobs displacements, composition of tasks changing etc..

BIZM, with its rich credentials of Industry experience is uniquely positioned to recognize the changing trends and its implications on future talents. Leveraging technological interventions, BIZM presents a new paradigm of Conceptual to Contextual Learning. Real life application of concepts learnt shall enable you to develop abilities beyond knowledge. .

Your first step to conquer the new decade is here. – GET SET GO

Re-imagine to Re-Define Your New World With us

Contextual learning

Our Concept to Context Learning platform, is a unique proposition to visualize the real application of concepts or knowledge learnt or earned, with general representative industry practice. This provides an opportunity to enhance your abilities to standout differently and be future ready

It's a world of Knowledge economy, where knowledge is attained, shared and enhanced in various formal institutionalized of informal sources of information. Contribution of technology had been immense, whether it’s about teaching, learning, sharing, download or upload of knowledge and information.
While this phenomenon, has significantly boosted innovation & Excellence, it also raised the benchmark of performance. However, while catching up in this race, we often have not provided enough attention to improve our abilities, to ensure and learn how knowledge could become a reality.

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Learning Format

We appreciate that learning appetite of individuals vary, with this in view, our courses encourage Self – Paced, along with our uniquely designed “Modular and Bit Wise” Learning.

We value your time and commitments, with this as our prime consideration – we designed the course in a manner that smaller bites too shall add up finally the integrated learning outcomes.

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Technology Intervention

We present real life knowledge/ concepts applications in 3D Visualized and Simulated environment in most possible scenarios.

The environment is engineered to match & simulate real life. The 3D visualization helps show minute details that are not visible by naked eye, or normal animation or by having a video shoot.

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Assessment & Certificate

Besides, Knowledge and Abilities, aspects of Problem Solving, Analytics, Systems & Critical thinking are becoming increasingly critical for success of people for work or at work.

With this in view, we have designed assessments, on scenario based short case studies to hone and enhance such skills. Certification confirms your industry aligned knowledge

Our uniqueness, is about continually updating assessments with each new upgrade of course released.

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Referral and Awards

Earn 50 credit points worth INR 10 after sign up. Refer a friend to provide your referral code while sign up. Earn additional 25 credit points once your referral signs up. Get 100 more credit points when your referral does the first transaction on the platform. Refer as many as you can.


We hand hold you towards your journey of converting your knowledge into competency. Feel free to reach out to us at reachus@bizm.in for any questions, clarification you might have. Keep track of our blogs and many such communications

Popular Online Courses

Manufacturing Process

It’s a unique “Floor at Your Desk” format of learning. Wherein we bring 3D visualized and simulated environment of “Shop Floor” and its relevance to “Top Floor”
Experience Step by Step yet an integrated environment of representative manufacturing process to retain learning and build competitive advantage to be successful.

  • Manufacturing Strategies
  • Manufacturing Types and their relevance to strategies
  • What triggers manufacturing process in real life business situations.
  • How an end to end Manufacturing process is carried out, in Discrete Manufacturing Environment - Seeing is Believing
  • Real life use cases
  • Case study based Assessments to hone your process driven critical thinking.
  • Introducing Changing Trends of Manufacturing Technologies
New Product Development

As an aspiring Product Engineer, Did you know that products are getting increasingly smarter and intelligent, while the product development process has become even more complex.

This added, with the fact Did you know that out of 100 product development projects 63 get cancelled, 12 fail only 25 gets commercially successful., while the other fact remains that 46% of product development resources on products that do not succeed. To prepare and succeed, as an aspiring Product/ Innovation Engineer take a short tour of Product Development Process with us & learn

Different stages of Product Development process as generally practice, you also get an opportunity to know more about intervention of emerging technologies influencing Product Development process.

Product Development being a strategic initiative of any organization, it will be important to know the approach of Collaborative Product Development process – its benefits and challenges..


Business Process Management - A Process Walkthorugh

Have you realized your potential as key influencer to apply technology and drive effective processes to contribute both to self growth as well in the role you take up in future work.

Did you know, that while technology remains the primary enabler, it is the process which drives any business and right people drive effective results from both.

Trends suggest Process Automation, Optimization , Improvement and Integration beyond Digitization shall override priorities for success

While exposure to technologies is to a large extent part of your curriculum, this course lays emphasis on introducing you to different functions and processes, with a general reference to a representative example of a Discrete Manufacturing company.

You will get an unique opportunity to take virtual tour of such a set upp, to understand highlights of various functions and processes, explained using sample use cases. You will get know better, difference between Functions & Process, Process and Task, Project and Process Task etc.

Your initial ability to broadly understand general practiced processes, will keep you ahead of the curve.

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